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HTML Tags and Let's Go Tribe

Here are a few tips on simple formatting within Comments and Diaries. Most HTML tags will work, but if you don't want to use those -- and why would you? -- there are a few really easy things you can do to add basic formatting to your tetxt. First, two basic things to remember:

  • The methods below will only work if your message is set to "AutoFormat" -- this is the little menu in between the Preview and Post buttons -- so check at the bottom of your post if you're not sure. You can also use most standard HTML tags in AutoFormat mode or in HTML Formatting mode. Of course Plain Text means plain text only.
  • Use the Preview function! It works!

  1. How do you make a word appear in italics?

    Place standard slash characters around the word or words you want to italicize.

    Example: He /could/ be back by September

             He could be back by September

  2. How about making a word appear bold?

    Place asterisks around the word or words you want to make bold.

    Example: The bullpen *stinks*

             The bullpen stinks

  3. How do I add a link?

    In between two square brackets -- [ and ] -- type the words you want to be linked, then a single space, and then the complete web address.

    Example: Click [here] for the Google search engine.

    Click here for the Google search engine.

    In addition, any complete web address (including the http:// part) that's part of your normal typing should get linked automatically, as long as AutoFormat is selected.

  4. How do I make a cool box to stick a quote inside?

    Place <div class="blockquote"> and </div> around the text you wish to quote.

    Example: <div class="blockquoute">This is the text I'm quoting</div>

    This is the text I'm quoting
  5. How do I make a list of items with bullet points?

    Easy. You just type an asterisk -- * -- followed by a single space at the start of each line.


    * Sabathia
    * Millwood
    * Westbrook

  • Sabathia
  • Millwood
  • Westbrook
You can use the comments field to practice, and also ask about anything I didn't cover.