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Game Thread: April 23, 2006

Season 106, Game 19

Cleveland (10-8) at Kansas City (3-13), 2:10 PM (WKYC)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Jason Johnson (2-0, 1.83 ERA)
Kansas City: Jeremy Affeldt (0-2, 8.10 ERA)

Jeremy Guthrie was thrown out of last night's game because the home plate umpire thought he was retaliating for a stolen base. Joe West, IMO one of the worst umpires in baseball, gives his thoughts on the matter:

West felt Guthrie hit German intentionally because he stole second base in the fourth with a 7-0 lead.

"That kid [Guthrie] was throwing the ball where he wanted to all night," said West. "I believe he threw the ball where he wanted to on that pitch. And I believe he was told to hit him."

It seems that umpires are now trying to find a cause for every hit batter rather than just concentrating on the obvious retaliations. I'm sure they could have found an excuse to eject Brian Slocum if they had thought hard enough.

Jason Johnson will try to bring some sanity to the pitching staff, and the Indians try to salvage a road split. They need to figure out this run prevention concept before the next homestand, where they'll face three teams better than the ones they faced on the road.