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"Well son, you're going nine tomorrow..."

Box Score

So much for not being able to get everyone work.

Rafael Betancourt (back) and Matt Miller (elbow) left in the same inning with injuries, and Danny Graves...well, he's not appearing in a game of any significance for awhile. I wouldn't be surpised if he's DFAd when Steve Karsay is ready to go.

So that means the bullpen tomorrow will consist of four competant pitchers, barring someone from Buffalo getting to Baltimore in the next 12 hours. That puts pressure on Fausto Carmona, himself a replacement, to give the team some innings in tomorrow afternoon's game.

Eric Wedge tends to let a pitcher finish an inning, especially if he's in line to get the win. That was probably why he let Jake Westbrook pitch to Kevin Millar in the bottom of the fifth; Jake needed to finish the inning in order to get credit for the win. Westbrook had only thrown 73 pitches, but he didn't have any sort of command in the strike zone. It was time to pull him, no matter what the win-loss implications.

Update [2006-4-20 0:17:26 by Ryan]: Miller is going on the DL with a "right elbow strain." Not good. Not good at all.