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Padding Pythagoras

Box Score

At the rate the Indians are going, they'll have the Pythagorean AL Central title clinched by early September.

It's still April, but Casey Blake seems to me a totally different player than last year. His approach looks different, he's swinging at fastballs again, and he looks extremely comfortable in the outfield. The batting average certainly won't stay above .400 the rest of the season, but he looks more like the 2004 version of Casey Blake than the 2005 version.

Jason Johnson had the atomic sinker working again tonight, and most importantly, threw strikes. I'm a bit curious if the sinker, which he just recently added to his repetroire, can help keep him successful over the course of the full season.

Grady Sizemore hit his first homer of the season, an opposite field shot off a left-hander. Jhonny Peralta broke out of a mini-slump with three hits. Heck, Danny Graves didn't give up a run, lowering his ERA to a svelte 6.75. What didn't go right tonight?

Over the weekend, the Indians made a curious move in order to get Fausto Carmona on the roster:

Placed RHP Fernando Cabrera on the 15-day Disabled List (heel)

Cabrera was out of options, so the Indians took advantage of a line drive off of Fernando's heel to send him off to Buffalo via the DL. Cabrera can "rehab" for 30 days, so he can work in the Bisons' pen until next month.

Fausto Carmona may get just one or two more starts, as CC Sabathia is scheduled to start a minor-league game early next week. If he feels fine after the rehab start, he should come off the Disabled List shortly thereafter.