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Afternoon Roundup

Coco Crisp won't play when the Red Sox come to Jacobs Field this month; he's been placed on the DL with a dislocated finger. He injured the finger sliding head-first into third base. Ian Kinsler, the Rangers' promising young second baseman, dislocated his thumb on a head-first slide last night. He'll miss at least 2-3 weeks. So kids, please don't slide head-first into a base; there's too many things that could go wrong.

Jhonny Peralta loved the warm weather yesterday, and it showed in the bow score:

Jhonny Peralta was certain that, as the temperature rose, so would his batting average.

"I don't like cold weather," the Indians shortstop admitted Tuesday after he singled, doubled and homered during a 9-5 victory over Seattle at Jacobs Field. "When it's cold, I feel heavy."

Perhaps the Indians should look into finding a cold-weather shortstop for those days when the temperature dips under 50 degrees. This is the next great platoon opportunity.

Fausto Carmona has been confirmed as the starter on the 15th; he pitched on three days' rest the other night to get set for his major-league debut on Saturday.

Also in the same article, CC Sabathia is throwing off a mound, and will possibly be back by the end of the month.