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Game Thread: April 11, 2006

Season 106, Game 7

Seattle (3-4) at Cleveland (5-1), 7:05 PM (STO)

Starting Pitchers:

Cleveland: Cliff Lee (0-0, 5.06 ERA)
Seattle: Jarrod Washburn (1-0, 2.76 ERA)

Washburn cashed in last winter, landing a four-year deal worth $37.5M. That's a lot of money for a middling* left-hander.

Speaking of big contracts, Adrian Beltre comes to town hitting .167/.259/.167. Of course, now that I mentioned it, I expect Beltre to hit 4 home runs in the series.

*To avoid creating a scene, I define middling as "average".

(By the way, Lee's first name is Clifton, not Clifford. Yes, I'm talking to you, Harold.)