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What do you do with.....

Jason Dubois? It's pretty apparent that the Indians are going with Todd Hollandsworth as the team's fourth outfielder. That means Jason Dubois will start the season in AAA yet again. And while it's fashionable to get up in arms over a youngish player stuck in the minors, I don't have an issue in this case.

The problem with "pure bats" like Jason is that it's extremely difficult for them to break into the majors. While big league clubs love big bats, those big bats have to play defense. And DH is spoken for. Dubois has shown little ability to hit major-league pitching in his brief major-league experience; he struck out 74 times in 187 at bats between Chicago and Cleveland last year. And even more damning, he walked just 12 times last season.

Remember, baseball clubs value players based on their entire game, not just the one part that's good. Sure, a manager can tinker with usage patterns in order that a player's weaknesses can be hidden. But making Jason Dubois a fourth outfielder would accentuate his weaknesses, not hide them. Plus, the Indians already have Eduardo Perez on the bench...and besides Broussard, which left-hander will be pinch-hit for late in games?

So in what situation would Dubois be used correctly? In all honesty, he should be a DH. He could be part of an offense/defense platoon in left field. But this is all assuming he can hit major-league pitching. This is why the Indians are in a Catch-22 with him; they know he can hit AAA pitching, but they also know he's struggled against the big leaguers. And he's a liability in the field. And he's a poor baserunner.

So for this year, the Indians will probably stow him in Buffalo to see if he can close the holes in his swing. If he's not able to do that, he'll probably be dealt or waived before next spring.