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No Long-Term Deal for Lee

It appears that the Indians will just get two long-term deals done this spring:

Winter Haven, Fla. -- Cliff Lee doesn't like his chances of signing a multiyear deal with the Indians before Sunday's deadline.

"It's nothing set in stone, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out," said Lee.

The Indians targeted Lee, shortstop Jhonny Peralta and center fielder Grady Sizemore for multiyear deals after last season. They reached agreement with Peralta on a five-year, $13 million deal on March 10, and with Sizemore on a six-year, $23.45 million deal on Wednesday, but negotiations with Lee could end once the regular season opens Sunday night against Chicago.

Locking up position players and pitchers are two different animals. There's much more of a risk when you give a pitcher a four or five year deal. I'm assuming contract length has been the main sticking point in negotiations.

There's also Lee's projections. Here's a mini-study on Cliff's comps on b-ref:

(1) Darren Oliver (975) - career ERA+ of 93
(2) Bob Ojeda (964) - career ERA+ of 104
(3) Fred Klobedanz (964) - career ERA+ of 101 (19th century)
(4) Bartolo Colon (963) - career ERA+ of 117 (best pitcher on the list)
(5) Jarrod Washburn (960) - career ERA+ of 114
(6) Jeff D'Amico (959) - career ERA+ of 96
(7) Brett Tomko (958) - career ERA+ of 94
(8) Earl Whitehall (958) - career ERA+ of 100
(9) Kirk McCaskell (957) - career ERA+ of 99
(10) Russ Ortiz (956) - career ERA+ of 98

Most of Lee's comps were league-average or below, with the exception of Bartolo Colon and Jarrod Washburn.