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Spring Training Update

A quick update on the three positions that are still up for grab:

Utility Infielder. Brandon Phillips seems to have the upper hand, thanks in large part to his defensive play at second and short. Given all they've invested in Brandon, I really can't see them cutting ties now. Ramon Vazquez, we hardly knew 'ya.

Backup Catcher. Kelly Shoppach is getting rave reviews for his defense (John Farrell glowingly praised Kelly's catch-and-throw skills today on the radio), but hasn't hit at all. Fortunately for Shoppach, a roster squeeze may help him, since Einar Diaz isn't on the 40-man roster.

The Bullpen. I guess Andrew Brown is still the frontrunner, but Jason Davis has impressed the Tribe brass with his stuff. Again, this could come down to a roster squeeze. Both Karsay and Graves have "outs" if they don't make the team.

Whoever loses out on the utility infielder spot will leave the 40-man roster one way or the other, but the resulting vacancy will go to Todd Hollandsworth. There isn't that much fat on the roster, so that might work to the advantage of Shoppach, Davis, and Brown.