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Breaking down the lineup

The relentlessly sabermetric Marc Normandin, over at our sister site Beyond the Box Score, posted his exhaustive preview of Indians position players today.  Incredibly, Normandin is doing this for all 30 teams, in addition to a pitching breakdown.  And you thought I was crazy. I'm telling you, this guy is hard core.  I will not be doing this even for my own team.

Some key findings:

  • 1B production should be much stronger, as Broussard "regresses up" toward his career norms and Perez absorbs PAs from both Broussard and Hernandez.
  • Belliard may well lose a step or two.
  • He's skeptical of PECOTA's projected regression for Peralta, and even of the mild projected regression for Hafner.  He loves both players.
  • Michaels/Crisp is something like a tossup, and Michaels is underrated as a defender.
  • Ready to dump the Killer B's for the kids right now.

But, see, he gives you the 2000 word version.