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Just watched Victor Martinez hit a grand slam.  It was freakin' great. Catch it on SportsCenter if you can.

UPDATE: Venezuela was eliminated today by the Dominican Republic in a one-hitter, a double by Omar Vizquel. Martinez understandably was walked twice.

Venezuela's roster had the most significant Indians contingent with Martinez and Rafael Betancourt, who will now return to camp with the Indians. In one of the tournament's many strange pairings, Martinez caught Johan Santana for five stellar innings on Sunday. Betancourt allowed one walk and no hits in 1.2 innings of work in the tournament.

Ronnie Belliard advances with the Dominican team and has been excelling in a backup role, going 3-for-6 with a double and a walk. Fernando Cabrera is the closer and Eduardo Perez is a pinch hitter for Puerto Rico, who play Cuba in an elimination game on Wednesday. Cabrera has allowed one hit, one walk and no runs in three innings.

UPDATE: Mmmmmm ... salami.