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Top 20 Prospects - 2006: Addendum

It figures that right after I posted my 2006 prospect list, the Indians go out and get two good prospects. I know that you just can't handle looking at that list without wondering where Marte and Shoppach would rank, so I'll satisty that burning desire.

(1) 3B Andy Marte - Age 22

We've discussed Marte to death in the past week, so I'll be brief. Marte is entering his Age 22 season, he's posted good numbers at every stop in the minors, he gets good marks for his defense, and has excellent power potential. The Indians want him to get some more seasoning in Buffalo, and how long that seasoning lasts should be in direct correlation to how long Aaron Boone produces.

(9) C Kelly Shoppach - Age 26

The Three True Outcomes meets the Tools of Ignorance. Shoppach combines very good power (for his position) with a good throwing arm and good game-calling skills, a very interesting combination. He probably will struggle to hit .260 in the majors, and he'll strike out a ton, but his total package of skills would make him a starter for a lot of teams. Unfortunately for Shoppach, the Indians aren't one of them. He should start the season as Victor Martinez's backup, unless Einar Diaz buys Tim Laker's dossier of compromising photos.

So, the updated list goes like this:

(1)  3B Andy Marte
(2)  LHP Jeremy Sowers
(3)  RHP Adam Miller
(4)  RHP Fernando Cabrera
(5)  1B Ryan Garko
(6)  RHP Fausto Carmona
(7)  OF Franklin Gutierrez
(8)  OF Brad Snyder
(9)  C Kelly Shoppach
(10) 1B Michael Aubrey
(11) 1B Stephen Head
(12) LHP Chuck Lofgren
(13) 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
(14) 1B/OF Ryan Mulhern
(15) RHP JD Martin
(16) LHP Tony Sipp
(17) RHP Nick Pesco
(18) RHP Jake Dittler
(19) RHP Andrew Brown
(20) OF Ben Francisco
(21) OF Brian Barton
(22) RHP Bear Bay