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Making Sense of SportsTime Ohio

Yesterday, the new Indians-centric channel finally got a name: SportsTime Ohio (which I'll call STO from now on). Between STO and WKYC, the enterprise will televise 158 Indians games, and will broadcast all home games plus 20 road games in HD. The announcers will remain the same, with the exception of Jim Donovan, known to most people as the radio voice of the Browns.

The rub, of course, is whether STO will be carried by your local cable or satellite provider. If you're a Time Warner subscriber in Northeast Ohio, you're in the best shape. Adelphia subscribers should get the channel if the merger if TW's purchase of them goes through. Other than that, there's no guarentees. Cox Cable, as mentioned earlier, is publicly fighting a PR battle with the new network.

You can view the press conference here.

If you live outside the Cleveland area, you're probably in good shape, thanks to Extra Innings. I have no idea what the situation will be for areas like Erie, Toledo, and Columbus.

SportsTime Ohio is confirmed on:

Adelphia (Northeast Ohio)

BTC Multimedia

Buckeye Cable (Northwest Ohio)

Cable Suite 541 (Conneaut)

Comcast (Northeast Ohio)

Cox Communications (Northeast Ohio)

Clear Picture (Wayne County)

Doylestown Cable (Doylestown)

GLW Broadband (Lorain County)

Massillon Cable (Massillon)

Time Warner (Northeast Ohio)

Time Warner (Mid-Ohio)

Time Warner (Northwest Ohio)

TSC (Auglaize County)

Wadsworth Cable (Wadsworth)

WOW! Cable (Northeast Ohio and Columbus)

WKYC Affiliates

WKYC - Cleveland

WFYX - Youngstown

WLIO - Lima

If you get any information from your cable or satellite provider, let me know and I'll add it to the list.