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Those Five Magic Words....

Pitchers and catchers reported today.

In reality, nothing happened today, but at least we know that there are actual real live players in Florida preparing for the 2006 season. We'll start to get the puff pieces proclaiming "this is the year" for veterens like Danny Graves and Steve Karsay to regain their past form. We'll see columns full of optimism and hope, because everyone is tied for first place. I'll actually appear intelligent because nothing has happened yet proving me wrong.

On the TV front, some details on the broadcasting team for Tribe games will be announced next week. There's been no announcement whether all the major cable and satellite providers will carry the channel yet, but given the ratings associated with the Indians, something should get done before Opening Day.

New president Jim Libertore talked about his long-range goals for the new (as yet unnamed) channel:

Does that mean he would like to add, say, the Aeros to the TV mix? ``Things like that, yes,'' he said, adding the Lakewood St. Edward-Cleveland St. Ignatius football game and other high school sports as a strong possibility, since it would give local cable operators some unique programming.

``We've talked to Cleveland State,'' he added. ``We're talking to the MAC .''

I'd love to see the new channel carry minor-league games (perhaps a rotation of Akron, Lake County, and Mahoning Valley). Watching an Adam Miller start after the Indians game would be a great combination for the hardcore Tribe fan. I think MAC basketball would be a perfect fit given the dovetailing of the college basketball and MLB seasons. And adding high school football certainly wouldn't hurt ratings in football-crazed Northeast Ohio. What about OAC games?  

What kind of programming would you like to see on the new channel?