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The Rumor Mill

The current hot topic is Eric Gagne, who apparently is going to choose between the Rangers and Indians. The guaranteed dollars currently offered to Gagne is supposedly in the $6M range, along with a substantial incentives package.

Mark Shapiro is publicly non-committal about Gagne, even going as far as speculating that they may be done adding relievers to the bullpen:

"We have enough guys right now," said Shapiro. "If we add another reliever, it would be one too many and that's not even counting our young guys such as Edward Mujica, Rafael Perez, Fausto Carmona, Juan Lara and Tony Sipp."

Shapiro has done this type of deal before with a Boras client: two years ago, he signed Kevin Millwood, who was coming off an injury-plagued season, to a one-year deal. Eric Gagne is probably even more a question mark, having only pitched 15.1 innings over the past two seasons, and there's no guarantee that he'll even be a shadow of himself even if he's healthy.  As the dollars go up, my interest in Gagne goes down.