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It's Official

Signed RHP Joe Borowski to a One-Year, $4M Contract (2008 Club Option)


I don't know about you, but I think I'm seeing a pattern with these signings. Borowski was successful with the Marlins last season, but an inconsistent career and, more importantly, an inconsistent shoulder knocked his value down enough to where a one-year was enough to land him. The Indians are going for quantity because there isn't much quality available on the market. The Marlins declined to offer Borowski arbitration, so this signing comes fairly pain-free.

The encouraging sign is that the Indians don't appear to be done adding to the bullpen. Whether that means continuing to poke through the remaining free agents or look to land someone better in trade, the team needs at the very least a good backup plan in case Borowski can't pitch effectively. Keith Foulke would be a very nice hedge.