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2007 HOF Ballot Released

This year's Hall of Fame ballot looks much deeper than last year's:

Harold Baines*
Albert Belle
Dante Bichette*
Bert Blyleven
Bobby Bonilla*
Scott Brosius*
Jay Buhner*
Ken Caminiti*
Joe Canseco*
Dave Concepcion
Eric Davis*
Andre Dawson
Tony Fernandez*
Steve Garvey
Rich Gossage
Tony Gwynn*
Orel Hershiser
Tommy John
Wally Joyner*
Don Mattingly
Mark McGwire*
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Paul O'Neill*
Dave Parker
Jim Rice
Cal Ripken*
Bret Saberhagen*
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell
Devon White*
Bobby Witt

One of the big stories this year is the appearance of Mark McGwire, who's serving somewhat as a litmus test for the voters as far as steroids are concerned. Four of the five voters at the Plain Dealer have already stated they won't be voting for Big Mac.

Beyond McGwire, there are two first-timers who look like slam dunks: Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken.

There's also interesting holdovers, including Alan Trammell, Bert Blyleven, and Goose Gossage. Dave Concepcion and Jim Rice have had their proponents in past elections, but may be overshadowed by this year's class of rookies.