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Sunday Roundup

There's no right way to get relief. Jim Ingraham, News-Herald.

Jim Ingraham pretty much nails why the Indians are doing what they're doing in the bullpen this offseason:

They all have some age on them, and Borowski and Foulke have some recent health issues. But so what? If history has taught us anything about bullpen construction and relief pitchers in general, it's that there are no rules. You just keep looking under rocks, and eventually, if you're lucky, you find what you need.

This method is almost mandatory in an offseason where there is no sure thing on the market. If Foulke does sign, that's four relievers on one-year free agent deals. All are flawed pitchers for one reason or another, but by definition most relievers are flawed hurlers. The onus now falls upon Carl Willis and Eric Wedge to use them in correct situations.

View From Pluto. Terry Pluto, ABJ.

The annual Jason Davis Breakout Season is upon us once again! At least the Indians think so:

The Indians think Jason Davis will have a breakthrough year in the bullpen. He was 1-1 with a 2.16 ERA after the All-Star break. He finally seemed comfortable in relief.

ERA was just about the only statistic that looked good for Davis in 2006. Here's some other ones:

H/9: 11.2
SO/9: 5.7
BB/9: 2.1

Davis' major flaw in 2006 was allowing inherited runners to score, 8.8 runs above league average according to Baseball Prospectus. Those inherited runners allowed to score weren't charged to Davis' ERA, but they do speak to his effectiveness as a reliever.