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Sunday Roundup

Lots of good stuff this week...

Paul Hoynes says that the Indians were very interested in Craig Counsell as a backup to Jhonny Peralta and Josh Barfield:

Craig Counsell's decision to finish his career at home in Milwaukee hurt the Tribe's 2007 plans. Counsell signed a two-year, $6 million deal Wednesday to shepherd young middle infielders J.J. Hardy and Rickie Weeks. The Indians offered him a three-year deal and more money to do the same for Jhonny Peralta and Josh Barfield.

Yikes. If this is true, then they'll be actively looking for a defense-first backup via trade, because I don't think Hector Luna or Joe Inglett meet that criteria.

Also, Hoynes reports that Jason Michaels will probably be tendered a contract, mainly because of the signing of David Dellucci.

Shapiro is still looking for a closer, reports Jim Ingraham:

However, Hernandez will apparently not be the Indians' closer in 2007.

"Our primary intent in signing him was not to be our closer," Tribe general manager Mark Shapiro said. "We expect and hope to sign one or two more relievers with significant closing experience to fill that role."

The Indians have to talking to virtually everyone who could conceivably close games next year, including Keith Foulke, Octavio Dotel, and Joe Borowski. None of them are particularly appealing for one reason or another.

And finally, Terry Pluto says that the Red Sox want a lot for Manny Ramirez:

The Indians have checked out the price on Manny Ramirez. As of now, the Boston Red Sox want a lot: Fausto Carmona, Adam Miller and Trevor Crowe. Those are three of the Tribe's top prospects. The Red Sox also want any team to take over the entire bill for Ramirez's contract. He has three years left totaling $60 million. He will be 37 when the contract is finished, and Ramirez might want an extension to agree to a deal. He has a no-trade clause.