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Still in on Mulder

Deep in this article, reports that Mulder's agent is meeting with the Indians again today ...

The Indians won't confirm it, but agent Gregg Clifton told he was to meet with the club Tuesday to discuss his client, free-agent left-hander Mark Mulder ... He is reportedly being pursued by the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Rangers and Giants in addition to the Indians.

... so apparently we're still in the running.

And according to this article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Mulder is looking for a two-year deal to cover both his return from rehab and, presumably, a full season of proving he's healthy before jumping back on the market.

Clifton said he and Mulder have decided that a two-year deal is most attractive to the lefty, who is coming off shoulder surgery and will not be available to pitch for the first several months of the coming season.

It would be interesting to see how Shapiro could creatively meet Mulder's request, while still managing risk effectively for the team.

See also mkwng's recent Diary entry discussing the Indians' unusual pitch for Mulder.