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Happy Non-Tender Day!

No word as of yet on the Indians, but here's a running list of the other non-tenders:

2B Marcus Giles (Braves)
RHP Chris Reitsma (Braves)
RHP Joel Pineiro (Mariners)
RHP Victor "Kazmir" Zambrano (Mets)
OF Damon Hollins (Rays)
RHP Mike Wood (Rangers)
C Toby Hall (Dodgers)
OF Jayson Werth (Dodgers)
OF Jon Knott (Padres)
RHP Jason Bulger (Angels)
RHP Chin-Hu Tsao (Rockies)
OF Aaron Guiel (Yankees)
OF Alexis Gomez (Tigers)
OF Rick Ankiel (Cardinals)
RHP Jorge Sosa (Cardinals)
RHP Jerome Williams (Athletics)
OF David Newham (Orioles)
RHP Aaron Rakers (Orioles)
RHP Todd Williams (Orioles)
RHP Scott Dohmann (Royals)
RHP Brandon Duckworth (Royals)
IF Luis Rodriguez (Twins)
RHP Willie Eyre (Twins)
C Jose Reyes (Cubs)
RHP Adam Harben (Cubs)
LHP Brandon Claussen (Reds)
C Miguel Perez (Reds)

UPDATE: No Indians were non-tendered, so the 40-man roster remains full.