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2006/2007 40-Man Roster: Free Agency

The last time I did this exercise, the season was still going on. Since then, the Indians have exercised or declined options, and a couple players have declared free agency.

There are currently 35 on the roster.

Arriving (1)
IF Mike Rouse (waivers)

Leaving (5)
3B Aaron Boone (option declined, free agent)
IF Lou Merloni (free agent)
LHP Jason Stanford (outrighted)
RHP Jake Dittler (outrighted)
OF Jason Dubois (outrighted)

Players With 2007 Guaranteed Contracts (9)

OF Casey Blake ($3.75M)
RHP Paul Byrd ($7M)
LHP Cliff Lee ($2.75M)
LHP CC Sabathia ($8.75M)
C   Victor Martinez ($3M)
SS Jhonny Peralta ($750K)
DH Travis Hafner ($3.95M)
OF Grady Sizemore ($750K)
RHP Jake Westbrook ($6.1M)

The Indians now have four-fifths of their starting rotation signed for 2007, and the fifth (Jeremy Sowers) is nowhere near arbitration. That's going to help free cash for other parts of the roster.

Players Eligible for Arbitration (4):

RHP Rafael Betancourt (4th Year)
OF Jason Michaels (6th Year)
RHP Jason Davis (4th Year)
Matt Miller (4th Year)

Miller may be eligible for arbitration as a Super-Two. Michaels is probably gone if the Indians acquire an outfielder.

Players With No Options Remaining (6):

RHP Andrew Brown (bullpen)
RHP Fernando Cabrera (bullpen)
RHP Jeremy Guthrie (bullpen)
RHP Brian Sikorski (bullpen)
C   Kelly Shoppach
IF Hector Luna

Jason Dubois and Jason Stanford have been dropped, leaving three players that I don't project to be making the team. Sikorski probably isn't long for the roster, and the two other pitchers are probably trading chips.

Players with Options Remaining (16):

RHP Fausto Carmona
LHP Juan Lara
RHP Tom Mastny
RHP Edward Mujica
LHP Rafael Perez
RHP Brian Slocum
LHP Jeremy Sowers
1B  Michael Aubrey
1B  Ryan Garko
IF Joe Inglett
IF Mike Rouse
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
3B Andy Marte
OF Shin-Soo Choo
OF Franklin Gutierrez
OF Brad Snyder

Rouse has replaced Dittler on this list. With the new rules regarding the Rule 5 Draft, the Indians could probably get away with keeping all these players on the roster through the winter. Rouse might stick thanks to a lack of middle infield depth. Either Ryan Garko or Kevin Kouzmanoff may be moved to shore up another position, as Kouzmanoff has shown the capability to play first base.