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Sunday Roundup

Lots of Hot Stove info:

Paul Hoynes is reporting that the Indians are unlikely to bid on Daisuke Matsuzaka; the blind bids are expected to be between $20-30M, and that's not counting Matsuzaka's contract.

As for Iwamura, the Indians are looking at him more as an outfielder, not a second baseman:

Yakult Swallows third baseman Akinori Iwamura, who could be posted this week, is one of them. The Indians don't think the left-handed-hitting Iwamura could play second base, where they have a hole, but they do think he could help Andy Marte at third and play some right and left field.

They also may bid on pitchers Masumi Kuwata and Hiroki Kuroda.

Also from Hoynes:

-Craig Counsell is being looked at as either a second baseman or a super sub. To me, he'd be ideal as a reserve, in that he gives the Indians a guy who can actually play shortstop.

-Joe Inglett is playing shortstop in the Arizona Fall League in order to show the Indians whether they need a defensive utility infielder.

-Kevin Kouzmanoff has looked good at first base, and may challenge Ryan Garko for the spot in Spring Training if both are still with the organization.

-The Indians are looking to sign a "veteran" left-hander to pair with one of their younger southpaws (Perez, Sipp, Lara) in the bullpen.