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News and Notes

-David Dellucci is but a physical away from becoming an Indian officially, but that physical has been delayed due to a bout of flu. The cynic might attribute this to the upcoming arbitration deadline, but I think the Phillies are going to offer arbitration regardless.

-Sheldon Ocker and Jim Ingraham's reactions to the Dellucci signing were very similar. Both writers lamented the inability to land Manny Ramirez. Ingraham in particular was wistful:

It also brings the curtain down on whatever slim hope there was, for us slim-hope hopers, that the Indians would somehow find a way to bring home the preposterously pricey yet prodigiously productive prodigal son.

The one, the only: Manny!

He hits here. His wits here. But most of all he fits here. And the Red Sox are not just willing, but reportedly actively seeking, to trade him.

Alas, David Dellucci, not Manny Ramirez, will be the Indians left fielder in 2007.

Apparently Jim has been reading the Annotated Johnnie Cochran.

-Finally, Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post casually  mentioned that Roberto Hernandez has signed with the Indians. If it's a one-year deal and Roberto is looked at as a middle reliever, I don't have too much of an issue with the signing.