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Rosenthal on the Indians

Pretty disturbing rumors:

The Indians would move Casey Blake from right field to first base if they acquired the Yankees' Gary Sheffield or signed free-agent outfielder Moises Alou. Middle-infield defense remains a concern; the team will be reluctant to sign free-agent second baseman Ron Belliard if Jhonny Peralta remains at shortstop; the combination would offer too little energy, too little range. Free-agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez would be a good fit at the right price. So might free-agent infielder Craig Counsell . . .

So whither Ryan Garko? He looks like trade bait right now, whether it be for Sheffield or a reliever. I'm not real enthused about trading a guy with less than a year of service time for a one-year rental with injury issues and an attitude.  

As for the middle infield, I wouldn't mind Craig Counsell as an insurance policy, but not as a starter. Gonzalez doesn't really seem to fit.