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Sunday Roundup

From Paul Hoynes this morning:

The Indians still have an interest in relievers Ron Villone and Scott Schoeneweis, Danys Baez and Joe Borowski, but not much is expected to happen until next Saturday. Thats the deadline for a free agents old team to offer him arbitration changed from Dec. 7 in the new basic agreement.

All those mentioned above are Type A or B free agents, meaning the Indians would lose their 2007 second round draft pick if they sign one of the group before December 1st. And there's no guarantee that the player's former club wouldn't offer him arbitration given the current market.

Besides the cost of draft picks, none of the players are appealing from a talent-value perspective. Danys Baez is the youngest and best of the group, but hasn't been much more than a marginal closer in his career. Borowski resurfaced last season as Florida's closer, but had spent the previous couple of seasons corroding the Cubs' relief efforts.

Hoynes also mentioned the Indians having interest in Scott Shields, the Angels' vice-closer and one of the better relievers in baseball, though the Angels haven't reciprocated a willingness to deal. Shields would be an infinitely better solution than signing any of what's out there on the free agent market, but acquiring him would probably cost the Indians one of their top prospects.