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Purchased the Contracts of OF Ben Francisco and RHP JD Martin

Before the new CBA took effect, the Indians were looking at some tough calls in setting their 40-man roster. Adam Miller, Tony Sipp, and Scott Lewis all had to be rostered or else they would be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft. Thanks to new eligibility rules, those three are safe for another season, and in a reversal of fortune, a couple of more marginal prospects got added.

Ben Francisco has been with the organization since 2002, and while he probably doesn't project as a starting outfielder, has a nice range of tools to help the Indians out as a reserve player. Regardless of how the outfield muddle is cleared, Francisco is probably just an insurance policy thanks to his newly-minted options, but depth is always a good thing.

JD Martin is coming back from Tommy John surgery; the 2001 draft pick was dominating in 2005 before the injury, using all four pitches (especially his curve) in his arsenal effectively with Akron. He's probably not going to be of much help right away, as he'll need to build back his arm strength. Again, he should serve as depth, preferably as a starter.