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AL Gold Gloves

My Gold Glove Laws:

  1. Once you win a Gold Glove, you automatically play at that level the rest of your career.
  2. You aren't a Gold Glove candidate if you can't hit.
This year's crop of winners has very few surprises, which coincides with the first law (Only Mark Grudzielanek hadn't won a Gold Glove before). Derek Jeter gets a Gold Glove because he just looks darn good when diving in the hole, but the rest I don't have much of a problem with.

The winners (my candidates in parentheses):

C  Ivan Rodriguez
1B Mark Teixeira (Doug Mientkiewicz)
2B Mark Grudzielanek (Placido Polanco)
SS Derek Jeter (Juan Uribe)
3B Eric Chavez (Brandon Inge)
OF Torii Hunter (Corey Patterson)
OF Vernon Wells
OF Ichiro
P Kenny Rogers (Jake Westbrook)