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Division Series Chat - October 7, 2006

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San Diego at St. Louis, 1:05 PM (ESPN2)
NLDS, Game 3 (STL 2-0)

Starting Pitchers:

San Diego: Chris Young (3.46 ERA, 95 PRC)
St. Louis: Jeff Suppan (4.12 ERA, 70 PRC)

New York at Detroit, 4:05 PM (FOX)
ALDS, Game 4 (DET 2-1)

Starting Pitchers:

Detroit: Jeremy Bonderman (4.08 ERA, 101 PRC)
New York: Jaret Wright (4.49 ERA, 53 PRC)

New York at Los Angeles, 7:35 PM (FOX)
NLDS, Game 3 (NYM 2-0)

Starting Pitchers:

New York: Steve Trachsel (4.97 ERA, 54 PRC)
Los Angeles: Greg Maddux (4.20 ERA, 79 PRC)

All four Division Series could be decided by tonight, and if they are, three of the four underdogs going into the playoffs will have advanced. Crazy.