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World Series Chat: October 27, 2006

Detroit at Saint Louis, "8:05" PM (FOX)
World Series, Game 5 (STL 3-1)

Starting Pitchers:

Detroit: Justin Verlander
St. Louis: Jeff Weaver

Tonight might mark the end of baseball, always a sad thing. But somehow I'm eager to get it over with: time to talk about bogus rumors, wax poetic about former players like jilted lovers, and moreover, wipe the slate clean.

It is kind of poetic that Jeff Weaver, who's been dumped by four organizations, might be the victor of the deciding game of the World Series. I'm always a sucker for redemption stories, and this postseason has been crazy enough, so why not? After all, he's just facing Justin Verlander, who's the next next thing in Detroit.

Tom Mastny has won Mistake by the Lake's Asian of the Year Award. And don't ask why, or Jay might have to electronically throttle you.