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Free Agent News

A couple moderately relevant signings over the past two days:

Boston: Signed RHP Mike Timlin to a 1 Year, $2.8M Contract

Timlin will be 41 next March, but he appeared in 68 games last season. As such, he was an option for the Indians. And Timlin's a spry little rugrat compared to this guy...

Philadelphia: Signed LHP Jamie Moyer to a 2-Year, $10.5M Contract

With the new CBA in place, money's going to be flowing like it's 2001, so any innings-eater, even an ancient one, is going to be getting this kind of contract. Which is going to make the rest of Paul Byrd's deal ($7M in 2007, $8M option for 2008) seem downright affordable to the rest of the league.