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News and Notes

Ross Atkins, presently the organization's Director of Latin American Operations, has been named the new Director of Player Development, replacing John Farrell. Atkins was drafted by the Indians in 1995 (38th Round), and made it as high as Akron before retiring in 1999. He returned to the organization in 2001 as Assistant Director of Player Development before moving on to his present post. Atkins was instrumental in creating the educational component of the Latin American academies and is fluent in Spanish. This is pretty much a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.

The list of minor-league free agents are out. Those who played in the Indians' organization in 2006:

IF Jason Alfaro
IF Jared Sandberg
SS Ivan Ochoa
2B Eider Torres
OF Denis Malave
RHP Rob Bell
LHP Vic Darrensbourg

Not a lot here, with the possible exception of Torres. He really struggled his second year in Akron, but still has a good glove and speed. He could be useful down the road as a utility guy.

Both Juan Lara and Joe Inglett would have been minor-league free agents had the Indians not purchased their contracts.