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Championship Series Chat: October 19, 2006

Saint Louis at New York, 8:19 PM (FOX)
NLCS, Game 7 (Tied 3-3)

Starting Pitchers:

New York: Oliver Perez (6.38 ERA, 12 PRC)
St. Louis: Jeff Suppan (4.12 ERA, 70 PRC)

You really can't script October. A couple months ago, the Mets picked Perez up in a very astute move: after all, Perez was only 25 and has the potential to be a very good starting pitcher. But nowhere in their wildest dreams did the Mets envision Perez starting Game 7 of the freaking NLCS; this was a guy for the future, not a stretch-drive pickup. But Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez got hurt, and Steve Trachsel imploded, so they don't have much of a choice. Judging by the way this series has gone, Perez will go six strong shutout innings.