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STO Announces 2007 Broadcast Team

As mentioned to the right, STO has named Matt Underwood and Rick Manning as their 2007 broadcast duo. Jim Donovan will still be doing the games on WKYC, but unlike last year, there will be no three-way rotation on STO games. Mike Hegan will join Tom Hamilton in the radio booth on a full-time basis.

From a broadcast aficianado standpoint, moving Hegan to the radio booth permanently is a misuse of his talent. Hegan is much more suited to the conversational nature of television, and he and Rick Manning have developed a nice rapport over the past few seasons, making their pairings much more enjoyable and spontaneous than those with John Sanders.

Underwood is more of a rah-rah personality, and unlike Tom Hamilton, doesn't have the dry wit to balance out the syrupy home run calls. Mistakes I can deal with (I grew to appreciate Herb Score even with his faux pases), but I don't really like unabashed homers. I guess now's a good a time as any to rediscover Tom Hamilton.