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Broadcast Changes at STO

The Plain Dealer is reporting that John Sanders will not return next season. The PD speculates that Rick Manning will return, along with either Mike Hegan or Matt Underwood.

I've never been a fan of Sanders. His delivery was fine, but he never really had anything to say besides counting pitches and scoring the most recent play. But pairing Underwood with Manning would make the broadcast much worse. I'd rather be subjected to a disinterested call than an over-the-top cheerleading exhibition, which is what Underwood does four innings a game.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping Hegan and Manning together; they have a good rapport, they are entertaining without veering off into comedy routines, and they don't distract from the game itself.

But please STO, whatever you do, don't subject me to Matt Underwood 138 games a year; I value my sanity.