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League Championship Chat: October 10, 2006

Detroit at Oakland, 8:05 PM (FOX)
ALCS, Game 1

Starting Pitchers:

Detroit: Nate Robertson (3.84 ERA, 94 PRC)
Oakland: Barry Zito (3.83 ERA, 104 PRC)

I think this is going to be a rather entertaining series. Both teams' strength is pitching, both ballparks are pitchers' parks, and there are underappreciated stars on either side. It may not be what FOX wanted, but this might become the best matchup of the postseason.

Side question: if you had unlimited cash, and convinced Barry Zito that Cleveland would be a great place to bring his surfboard, what kind of contract would you offer him? Would you be willing to offer him a five-year contract, or is that too risky?