Another possible outfielder target?

Just browsing through a few chatroom boards, there was some talk that yet another possible outfielder target might be Jorge Piedra from the Rockies.  

Another left-handed hitter who has played some center field and some left field with what seems to be league average defense.  Of course, there's the Coors effect which has ballooned his home stats and severely diminished his road stats.  

Admittedly, this sounds like Ryan Langerhans-lite to me.  And it seems like this guy would be close to the same service time as Langerhans.  Anyone know anything about this guy?  I confess that I had never heard of him before I heard his name come up in a blog.  

For what it's worth, the Rockies have had noted interest in Josh Bard, but that would seem to be out the window since they have Torrealba (sorry, I don't feel like looking up the correct spelling).  Matt Miller was also a name mentioned.  

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