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Taking it?

We're getting word that Arthur Rhodes is in Philadelphia for a physical right now ... and all media sources have reported that a Rhodes-Michaels deal with the Phillies is contingent on moving Crisp to Boston. Did the Red Sox and Indians close the deal in principle yesterday and manage to keep a lid on it?

Paul Hoynes adds a few tidbits.

Needed a fresh thread anyway, right?

UPDATE: AP is reporting the Rhodes-Michaels deal is done, pending physicals. [Ryan]

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal:

The Sox and Indians are close to completing their much-discussed, multi-player trade in which the Sox will acquire Crisp to be their new center fielder, has learned.


The exact particulars of the Red Sox-Indians trade are not known, but it is expected that the Indians will receive top third-base prospect Andy Marte and reliever Guillermo Mota.