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With the Coco-to-Boston deal now up in the air, what are the Indians going to do now? There's a couple possibilities:

(1) Revamp the deal with Boston.

I think Crisp+Bard for Marte+Shoppach would still work. However, I believe getting Mota was an important part of the deal for the Indians, as they needed someone who (in their eyes) who could replace Arthur Rhodes in the bullpen. It's pretty apparent that they have little confidence in David Riske, and they saw the Riske-for-Mota swap as an improvement.

(2) Trade for Austin Kearns

By all accounts, Kearns may be available. Former Reds GM Dan O'Brien reportedly turned down a Westbrook-for-Kearns deal, but with a new regime in place, talks could start up again. The Reds are probably demanding a starting pitcher, so Westbrook is probably the only available trading chip.

(3) Make the Rhodes-Michaels trade

Even if the Indians keep Coco Crisp, they could use another outfielder. Jason Michaels has the arm to play right field, and his OBP could help the lineup at the top of the order, allowing Grady Sizemore to hit lower in the lineup.

(4) Do nothing

The Indians don't really have to do anything. Yes, getting a long-term answer at third would be great, and they still could use a good outfielder, but there's nothing that needs immediate attention before Spring Training.