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Your Daily Trade Update

-Ken Rosenthal breaks down the possible series of trades. He says that Rhodes is the one going to Philly for Michaels. He also says the Boston-Cleveland trade remains Crisp for Marte and Mota.

-Paul Hoynes, though, continues to say that it will be Crisp and two minor-leaguers to the Red Sox for Marte, Mota, and a minor-league pitcher.

-Perspective from Philadelphia:

The Phillies consider Michaels expendable because they expect their starting outfielders -- left fielder Pat Burrell, center fielder Aaron Rowand and right fielder Bobby Abreu -- to start 150-plus games. They also believe that they have ample depth in reserve. Shane Victorino, who was named the International League's MVP last season, is considered ready to be the fourth outfielder, and the Phils believe they have a competent reserve or two among Josh Kroeger, Chris Roberson and non-roster invitee Shawn Garrett, a switch-hitter whom some in the front office believe could be a dark horse in spring training

-Sheldon Ocker says that the deal is predicated on the Indians getting Michaels, which might not happen for a couple days.

UPDATE: The view from Philly ... Arthur Rhodes' picture is on the front page of this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer sports section as part of this story. The report says that adding a high-quality reliever allows the Phillies to move young stud Ryan Madson into the rotation. Madson was one of the top pitching prospects in baseball a year ago and was moved the bullpen to help the big-league club in 2005. The story also says that both deals are only waiting on physicals at this point. [Jay]

UPDATE: Mark Shapiro had a brief press conference this afternoon to announce ... nothing. He apologized for being hard to reach while he was on vacation and said, in classic Shapiro-speak, that the team is always exploring every possible way to make the team better. [Jay]

UPDATE: As reported by Anthony Castrovince on, Wedge had this to add:

Anything we do, we want it to be positive for this year and beyond. We're not doing anything that will have an ill effect on this year. We're not going to take any steps back.
The full story is here. In his accompanying mailbag article, Castrovince remarks: "I received my first e-mail about the reports of this trade at 4:28 a.m. Sunday and had roughly 50 more e-mails about it within a matter of hours. Not one of them was from a fan in support of this deal." [Jay]