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Signed RHP David Riske to a one-year, $1.8M contract

A slight raise from his 2005 salary. There's little question that Riske is a good reliever; he posted a 3.10 ERA in an "off" year. But will the Indians use him like he should be used? Towards the end of the season, Riske only appeared in blowouts or early in games, and this was when Arthur Rhodes and Matt Miller were out. So how much run will he get when those two will be back?

Riske will be a free agent following this season.


Traded LHP Brian Tallet to the Toronto Blue Jays for RHP Bubbie Buzachero

Bubbie's real first name is Edward, although he prefers to go by Bubbie:
Bubbie is a nickname ("don't print my real name, I only use it when I have to"). He's had it for all of his [24] years courtesy of his older sister.

Bubbie is a smallish (5'11") right-handed reliever, but he's put up decent numbers his entire career. His major problem has been control (31 walks in 81.2 IP this past season). His repetroire, according to this scouting report, is a fastball and a tight curve.

Overall, a decent return for Brian Tallet.