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Hollandsworth Signs

Signed OF Todd Hollandsworth to a minor-league contract; Invited him to Spring Training

I guess this signing depends on which Hollandworth the Indians are getting: the one who hit .318/.392/.547 in 2004, or the one who hit .244/.298/.373 in 2005. The other thing to keep an eye on is the league change: in the NL, hitters tend to see more fastballs, and in the AL, offspeed pitches tend to be more the rage.

Todd Hollandsworth has been a platoon or fourth outfielder practically his entire career, so there shouldn't be any issues there. He's a good pinch-hitter, not that that has much value in the AL, but he tends to chase pitches outside the zone.

In a lot of ways, the signing reminds me a lot of when the Indians inked Marty Cordova, another former Rookie of Year coming off a bad year. Hollandsworth isn't that old (will turn 33 this summer), and although he's certainly not starter material, could give the Indians another option if/when Casey Blake goes into a long slump.

Categorize this as an "eh" signing. Unfortunately, a lot of the acquistions this winter have been of that variety.