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Hall of Fame Results

Bruce Sutter was the only player receiving the necessary votes for induction, receiving votes on 76.9% of the ballots (clearing the 75% barrier by just 10 votes).

26 of the remaining 39 players will remain on the ballot, having been named on more than 5% of the ballot. Albert Belle will be on the 2007 ballot, having been named on 7.7% of ballots.

Will Clark, Dwight Gooden, Willie McGee, Ozzie Guillen, Hal Morris, Gary Gaetti, John Wetteland, Rick Aguilera, Gregg Jeffries, Doug Jones, Walt Weiss, Gary DiSarcina, and Alex Fernandez will drop off the ballot.

For those remaining, the 2007 ballot will be a more difficult one to crack, as Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn, and Mark McGwire will make their debuts next year.