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Another Day, Another Gem

CC Sabathia became the first Indian pitcher to win seven straight starts since Ken Schrom in 1986. Yes, that Ken Schrom.

Sabathia struck out 10 Tigers, and only needed 103 pitches to go all 9 innings. More than 70% of his pitches were for strikes. Suffice to say, CC was simply dominating tonight. He's lowered his ERA by a  run in just over a month.

Whatever mechanical flaw was tweaked seems to working for CC, because batters can't seem to differentiate between his fastball and his slurve. The ability to throw different pitches with the same arm action is a huge plus for a pitcher; combine that asset with great stuff, and you have an almost unhittable pitcher.

The Indians get one more shot at Detroit, this time at Jacobs Field. Kids, you get in free tomorrow; just remember to drag your parents along!