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9/30 Game Thread

White Sox at Indians, 7:05 PM

Mark Buerhle (16-8, 3.19 ERA) vs Kevin Millwood (9-11, 2.92 ERA)

There's a lot of "finals" here. Kevin Millwood's final start of the season. The final game of September. The start of the final series of the season. The final night game of the season.

Buerhle makes three left-handed starters in four games. Casey Fossum he ain't, though.

The White Sox have clinched the AL Central because the two AL East teams cannot both win 96 games. So  manager Ozzie Guillen will manage a bit differently, not overusing the pitchers, and perhaps giving some of the position players a day off. But the Indians will still have to earn their way into the playoffs; they will face Buerhle, Garland, and McCarthy this weekend, so runs should be at a premium.