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8/29 Game Thread

Devil Rays at Indians, 7:05 PM

Casey Fossum (8-11, 4.65 ERA) vs CC Sabathia (14-10, 4.20 ERA)

It's just bizarre how good Tampa's pitching has been at Jacobs Field this season. Or perhaps this is a continuation of the home-field disadvantage for the hitters. The Indians are hitting .269/.338/.440 at home in 2005, and .276/.333/.467 on the road. They've hit 87 home runs at home, and 116 on the road. Perhaps Jacobs Field has suddenly become a pitcher's park, or maybe something's happened to affect the ball's visibility over the years.

I don't like to throw around the term "must-win," but tonight's game is definitely a must-win. The Indians still control their own destiny; if they win all four of their remaining games, they're in. If they win 3 of 4, they need help. If they split, then we'll probably be talking about 2006.