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1.5 Out/1.5 Up

That's the Indians' place in both playoff races, thanks to a White Sox loss.

Cliff Lee got his 18th win, but he didn't really deserve it. For his second straight start, he gave up a key home run with runners on base. And, like his previous start, it didn't cost him or the Indians, thanks to Rafael Betancourt and the offense. Like Bob Howry last night, Raffy allowed the rest of the bullpen to get some rest by pitching multiple innings. But Fernando Cabrera, who is as rested as anyone in the bullpen, can't seem to get in games.

Travis Hafner is as hot as you can get; he hit his sixth home run in five games. Grady Sizemore had a huge game as well; he had five hits.

The Indians have now won 15 of 17, yet only have a 1.5 game lead in the Wild Card race to show for it. Someone's going to win at least 94 games and miss the playoffs this season; that hasn't happened in the AL since 1990, when the White Sox finished 9 games back in the AL West.