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9/22 Game Thread

Indians at Royals, 8:05 PM

Cliff Lee (17-4, 3.75 ERA) vs Runelvys Hernandez (8-12, 5.24 ERA)

What makes a pennant race so incredible is that it continues EVERY day through the rest of the season. There's no week to build up to the next game, no media day or talk shows to build up hype; the daily games provide the excitement.

And after the Indians finished their most important series to date, they go into Kansas City, where tonight's game matters just as much as last night's; that's the beauty of a pennant race.

I'm getting a bit nervous about the hurricane that's expected to come ashore this weekend; the storm is supposed to stall out on Sunday, meaning the final game of the series is in serious jeopardy. Because the Royals don't have any remaining off days, the game would have to be made up after the season is over with (if necessary).