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9/21 Game Thread

Indians at White Sox, 8:05 PM

Scott Elarton (10-7, 4.57 ERA) vs Jon Garland (17-9, 3.41 ERA)

The all-important third game of the series. The Indians are starting to hit very well as a team, but the bullpen's starting to look a bit thin. The losses of Matt Miller and Arthur Rhodes showed last night; Howry had to come in an inning early, and when he had a bad outing, it cascaded from there.

Stepping back a bit, the first two games of the series have been exceptional from a baseball fan's point of view. There has been no point thus far where either team was beyond striking distance of winning, and that makes for great baseball. There's been clutch hits, home runs, mental errors, defensive gems, and a constant barrage of intrigue and intensity that you normally don't see until the playoffs actually start.

As for me, I'd like nothing else than to see a nice boring five-run victory tonight.