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The Exorcist, Part II

Ronnie Belliard's three-run bomb off Bary Zito in the 7th inning put the game away, capping off an incredible series for the rotund second baseman. Ronnie is a guess hitter, and he took two fastballs for strikes before guessing right on Zito's curve, pulling it onto the [Insert Soft-Drink Company Here] Home Run Porch.

Jake Westbrook beat a tough left-hander in his second straight start; he beat Johan Santana last Friday, and now has 29 decisions in 31 starts. Jake was on his game, allowing just two hits; unfortunately, one of those hits was a three-run homer. But Bob Wickman closed the game out in his uncoventional way to gain his 41st save and clinch Cleveland's 84th win.

Take a deep breath, Tribe fans; Thursday is a well-deserved off day.